Offers luxurious virgin hair extensions. 

In just under a year, JUST HAIR USA has expanded our wholesale to over 14 countries and has become a premier wholesaler of Virgin Hair. 

JUST HAIR USA offers a genuine customer experience for the anywhere; anytime customer. 

JUST HAIR USA was founded in 2017. After taking a corportate consulting job in China and India. On the journey to find hair extensions, our owner discovered the true essence of virgin hair. 

After her travels she established her own direct line for products overseas. 3 months later she quit her job, came back to the states and started “Just Hair USA”. With the element of concierge service, superb communication, strategic marketing, and simply the best virgin hair the industry has to offer. 

JUST HAIR USA quickly climbed the ladder to becoming the go-to for luxurious Virgin hair extensions and products.